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FM WhatsApp Download Apk latest version 2022 on your phone to enjoy its features. FM WhatsApp new version contains many new updated features. Download FM WhatsApp latest version from here and enjoy FMWhatsApp without getting banned from Whatsapp. Today we came with the top and best communication application that is a famous Whatsapp MOD is FM Whatsapp APK. WhatsApp is the famous communication application through which millions of people connects with each other. WhatsApp makes our life very easy and connected with our relatives and family. By using WhatsApp we can send images, videos, audio to our buddies. Even we can send documents for our business purposes. With the recent updates of Whatsapp, we are now able to share our live location and send payments. FMWhatsapp APK Download-Latest 2022-Updated Version FM WhatsApp Download FM WhatsApp Download is an old and popular MOD. That already has tons of users. Many people use WhatsApp for their respected needs like to do office work, share media, and other kinds of work. These all the work done on Whatsapp is very simple. Therefore WhatsApp becomes so fascinating and attractive. Moreover, with the latest update, it improves their performance and tries to add more and more features for their users. But still, it didn’t reach like FM Whatsapp APK. Because all the basic features that are present in WhatsApp all are available in the FMWhatsapp APK. However, it gives you more than it. It offers you more features than the official WhatsApp. Moreover, In FM WhatsApp Latest Version lots of new features are added for users.

Little Pigs,the Crane and a Wolf

Once, a mother pig sent her three little children into the world. They needed to look after themselves.The first pig found some straw, and he built a fine house with straw, and he built a fine house with straw.The second pig built a house with wood escort sites.The third pig built a house with stone. One day, a wolf came to straw house, he was hungry.“Little pig let me in! I’m your brother.”“No, no! You are a wolf.” Then the wolf blew down the straw house. The first pig ran to the wooden house.Then the wolf came to the wooden house, too. The two pigs ran to the stone house.The wolf came and blew the stone house. He blew and blew, but the house didn’t fall down. Then wolf was angry, he climbed to the roof and jumped down the chimney.The wolf fell into the pot! Ouch! He ran away.The three little pigs lived happily. There is a bad wolf in the forest. One day he is eating a lamb. Suddenly a bone sticks in his throat. “Oh, a bone is my throat.” He goes to see a doctor, “Please help me.” The doctor, Mr. Panda says, “Sorry, I can’t help you. The bone is inside.”“What can I do?” the wolf is sad. Then he meets a crane. “Oh, dear crane. Please help me. A bone is in my throat. I will pay for your help.” “Ok. Let me have a try,” the crane says. She pulls out the bone with her bill. “Now I will go. Remember your words. You should pay me,” she says.“Well. Pay you. I remember,” the wolf says. With the words, the wolf bites off the crane’s neck and eats her up.



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