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Spotlight allows users to purchase articles and throw money at them with bitcoins. Recipient users can receive them as points. The following is an explanation of the basic usage.


1.Sign up

Enter your username, email address, and password on the sign up page, and tap the "Create" button. An account verification email will be sent to you, tap the "Confirm Account" link in the email.

After authentication is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the home screen, and a user icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap the user icon and go to the profile screen from "MyPage".

Tap the edit icon that appears as shown in the following screen. You can edit your profile and other settings from there.

2.Read an article

Click on the article you are interested in from the top page. The content page will appear, with a "Continue" button at the bottom of the content.

Tap the "Purchase" button to continue reading.

If you are not logged in, you will see a "Purchase anonymously" button, tap it and a QR code for payment will appear. You can scan it from your Lightning-powered wallet and make a payment to continue reading.



Once you purchase the content, you can write comments for free. You can also update or delete your comments from the Edit Comment button.

4.Post an article

Tap the writing icon in the upper right corner of the screen to display the posting screen. You can write content, upload images and embed code.

There are two ways to complete the posting of your content.

1.Without login

To post an article without logging in, tap the "Publish" -> "Anonymous Post" button to get a QR code for payment. Scan it from your Lightning-powered wallet to complete the payment, and your content will be posted and displayed on the top screen.

2.With login

If you are logged in to post, you can deduct the payment amount from your account balance and post the content by tapping the "Publish" -> "Post" button.



There is a "Gift box" button on the user's profile screen. When you tap the button, the tipping dialog appears. Enter the amount of tip you want to give, and tap the "Send" button to generate a QR code. You can scan the QR code from your Lightning-powered wallet to give a tip.

6.Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal


To deposit coins as point, tap the "Wallet" -> "Deposit" button on the MyPage and type an amout to deposit. Invoice will be generated. Scan it from your Lightning-powered wallet to complete the payment, and your balalance will be increased.


To withdraw points as BTCLN, tap the "Wallet" -> "Withdraw" button on the MyPage and paste an invoice for withdrawal. Alternatively, you can scan the invoice from the Scan button.

* You may not be able to withdraw coins temporarily due to Lightning Network congestion.


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