In Spotlight, I'm going to post a list of apps that allow you to make Bitcoin payments using the Lightning Network. If you have a Lapp you'd like to recommend, let me know in the comments!

Recommended LApps

Satoshi's Place is a site that allows you to buy canvases on the site in units of one pixel and doodle on them.

Satoshi's Place (

Lightning Gifts is a gift service that allows you to make your own bitcoin gift cards and pass the URL to the recipient, who can then withdraw bitcoins from the URL.

Lightning Gifts

Microlancer is a cloud work service where you can get Satoshi when you complete a specified task. - Microtask freelancing with Bitcoin & Lightning Network

Etleneum is a centralized smart contract platform that allows you to upload your own smart contracts and execute them with LN payment.

etleneum is a VPS service that allows you to purchase instances of bitcoind, c-lightning, ubuntu, etc. with LN payment. is a money throwing service that allows you to create your own money throwing page and its embedded buttons. - Bitcoin made easy

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