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Knobbelboy designed, confirmed, and published Astral Divinity, a 2.1 solo Extreme Demon level that was once known as God Eater. On January 6, 2019 [1], knobbelboy confirmed the level's 'God Eater' rating. That same day, it was graded Epic-Extreme Demon. On June 26, 2019, the level was taken down from the Geometry Dash servers because of copyright violations involving the artwork. On December 22, 2019,[2], knobbelboy updated the copyrighted artwork, renamed the level "Astral Divinity," and reverified the snow rider 3d level. The same day, the level was once more rated Epic-Extreme Demon. High marks were given to Astral Divinity's graphics, however its performance and playability were criticized. GD Endy released an optimization update for the level on July 15, 2023, which decreased the object count from 294,675 to 147,432.[3]

Past EventsThe first glimpse of God Eater was given to the public on March 3, 2017, when knobbelboy published a preview that included about 25% of the game's finished gameplay and aesthetics.[4] He released a second peek on April 16, 2017, more than a month later, showing off about thirty percent more of the finished gameplay and decoration.[5] The Geometry Dash community took to this instantly, calling it the greatest level ever. Regretfully, Sea's tirade series began since this preview has grown to be one of the most reuploaded videos on the GD network. To save even more montages, knobbelboy posted the third preview. Eventually, he completed the level despite some challenges brought on by the large object count.

After that, knobbelboy began the certification procedure, and in less than a month, he reached 35% and 51%. But knobbelboy required medical attention and had to step back from the level of managing a kidney stone. Knobbelboy returned to God Eater after healing, and he quickly received a 95% failure. God Eater was validated by knobbelboy on January 6, 2019, about two years after the initial preview, and it was rapidly rated.[1]

The level abruptly vanished from the servers on June 26, 2019. It was transferred to the Demonlist's Legacy List. The level's YouTube teaser, progress, and verification videos have all been taken down. Knobbelboy denied having been hacked in a community post, despite several rumors to the contrary. He ordered RobTop to remove the level from the servers and deleted all of his God Eater recordings, but he was unable to reveal why at this time.

Knobbelboy declared on September 5, 2019, that the level has been removed due to copyright violations. The God Eater franchise's owner sent him a cease-and-desist letter in the middle of July 2019, claiming that his Extreme Demon violated copyright laws. He took down the recordings, requested that RobTop remove the level, and hired an attorney to defend him in court, though the specifics of the case were never made public.

But for God Eater, there was yet hope. Only the name and artwork, according to Knobbelboy, were protected by copyright. He was still the one who decorated everything. He could therefore legally upload the level to the servers once more if he removed the copyrighted portions. After requesting suggestions for a name in the video's comments section, he finally decided on Astral Divinity.[6]

Knobbelboy unveiled the recreated level, now known as Astral Divinity, on December 13, 2019.[7] After a 95% failure, he spent several days checking the level, and on December 22, 2019, he succeeded.[2]Playtime 0–11%: The player begins the level on a platform that resembles a ship, with a melancholic tune playing in the background. Here, the entire screen is decorated with crystals and rainbows. There is an LDM (Low Detail Mode) and a ULDM (Ultra Low Detail Mode) in the outset. The flying is reasonably tight (straight-fly) and demands good maneuverability to pass. A golden orb and two gravity portals confound matters for a split second, confusing the gamer. The music becomes more darker about halfway through this section, and the player switches to wave form. In relation to the level's overall difficulty, this wave is not very tough. It makes a couple size switches between standard, mini, and dual before going into the next section.

12–27%: In this section, the player starts off as a cube hopping across a lava pit with regular timings and an orb while being pursued by a massive creature that is purported to be the "God Eater" itself. Another similar segment follows, only this time the lava is swapped out for water and the game is performed as a ball. It takes some strategic clicks to get through this ball, and it doesn't get any easier with the monster racing after the player. The player assumes the role of a robot in another identical section with acid as the floor after transitioning via two green spheres. It has some difficult timings with gravity switching once more. This concludes with the player entering an auto portion that features a demonic face in the background and the words "Astral Divinity" and "Good Luck" appearing right before the appearance of the Extreme Demon face, which indicates the drop.

28–45%: The player enters a lengthy four-part period with moons in the backdrop, and the song picks up speed at this point. It begins as an intense sequence of triple-speed ships with many of gravity portals, little areas, and a mini-portal at the finish. The wave that follows is strong and quick, with cramped quarters and gravity portals strewn all over it. A single ball input, a gravity-switching wave, and a few orbs leading into a straight-fly are all followed by a very brief auto that has absurd timings. Next, there's a dual-cube. After a lengthy, straight-fly portion with a few teleportation portals, there's a dual-mini-cube area with a few challenging jumps that leads to the next part of the level.46–60%: This section beats to the music with a lot of flashing lights and spikes on the ceiling and floor. Everything is done like a ball, and there are some challenging and drawn-out times. Another brief auto is about to play, and when the player moves into the next section, an eye-opening will play in the background. This segment is special since it has some big spinning things that the player, who is now playing as a ship, must avoid. This flying takes precise accuracy and is really challenging. A long wave part with an extremely intricate spinning artwork that resembles three dragons in a circle appears in the backdrop immediately precedes a transition with a ghostly visage in the background. At the end of this section, the wave rapidly changes size and is quite resilient.61–82%: A brief segment on UFOs follows. A cube series with an object resembling a tattoo appears in the backdrop as the player proceeds. The tattoo's mouth then opens up to reveal seven rainbow-colored orbs. A ship navigates narrow spaces after the challenging cube and eventually transforms into a mini-ship. The incredibly intricate Devourer of Gods then squirms through the background. The robot timing is challenging. The player then changes into a UFO with several orbs and a yellow doorway overhead. A extremely narrow wave section with a half-speed gravity portal comes next. The background's pink color scheme gives it the appearance of a CD.83–86%: A ball part with a few orbs, slopes, and specially designed whirling saw blades comes next. This section alludes to Persona 5's last palace Memorabilia.87-95%: A dual-cube segment with several balls, hops, and a single triple-spike jump comes next. The background divides into two parts, representing the sun and the moon respectively, which revolve around one another. The block pattern carries on this idea. Then, a tonne of straight-fly with orbs and portals appear, along with three black swords set against various colored backgrounds.96–100%: In the last scene, the cube clicks several orbs in the white, glowing foreground while the dedications flash in the crimson background. The last task requires the player to jump twice while a monster flashes in the distance. After that, the player takes off from a pad to win. The trademarked God Eater end logo has been replaced by a gold monster on the end screen.Random Facts

The password for Astral Divinity is 001517, whereas the password for General God Eater was 282019.

There are 147,432 objects in the level.The level contained 120,875 objects in Low Detail Mode and 294,675 objects before to the optimization update on July 15, 2023.That was Dark Odyssey's record for the second-highest object count for an Extreme Demon working alone.The level lasts for one minute and thirty seconds.In GDToday's list of the 100 Greatest Levels of All Time, the level came in at number 90.The term 'God Eater' originates from the same-titled Japanese role-playing game developed by Shift.It turns out that those who had hypothesized that this was the cause of its removal were correct.The level's community started uploading level montages after knobbelboy released the second preview video.A video rant about God Eater was made by Sea. The way people took and combined Knobbelboy's God Eater videos for views and money is more important than the level.[8]Later on, knobbelboy began to block some films as a result of this.Regretfully, Monoxide405, who leaked the entire level while it was still far from done, did so. The version that was leaked was dubbed "God Eater 2018 leak," and it said, "Don't sue me, I just want to trigger Sea." This incident sparked a fierce backlash and a great deal of animosity toward the author.When Sea posted a video titled "The New God Eater," detailing the leak, and displaying a copy by "Cyclic 1" instead of the original upload (which was on, at the time, an unregistered account), the leaker's wish was granted.[9]The fully completed God Eater has 294,218 things, hence knobbelboy overstated the number of objects in the finished level, which he believed to be above 400,000.Building God Eater took knobbelboy between four and five hundred hours.There are more than 500 distinct color channels in God Eater.It took six months for God Eater to confirm.And it was only up for around that long.Knobbelboy claimed on Discord that the game "can't be played on mobile, and it probably never will" because of the extreme lag. On the other hand, playing on a mobile device was theoretically feasible, mostly for those with expensive smartphones.The level featured a secret method at 16% that allowed the player to skip to the end of the level for a brief period of time after it was released. 'Force Smooth Fix' was widely used to exploit this secret, allowing players to slow down gameplay and access the hidden path. But it was fixed very quickly.Prior to reuploading Dash Geometry The level was reuploaded by YouTube user Droid 1415, who had previously reposted the original verification video.This is the only level in his quest to defeat the Extreme Demon Roulette where npesta has cheated a bit, receiving 25% instead of the necessary 24% because of the auto-section.As an example, npesta would have rolled a 100% on Carnage Mode, a level he had already completed, if he had chosen to use the first skip available on the level.A few of the level's artworks are inspired by the video game Terraria, while a few of the backdrops are from God Eater.RobTop was ordered to take God Eater off the servers by knobbelboy for this reason.Some now refer to God Eater as "Old Astral Divinity."Based on the heavenly pillars of Terraria, the four distinct components at the drop are Nebula (purple), Solar (orange), Stardust (cyan), and Vortex (green).Midway through the level, there's a clear comparison between the eye and the 'Eye of Sauron' from the Lord of the Rings films.The ghostly visage that appears just before the wave segment at roughly 60% is another piece of art that has some similarities to other works. Its appearance is strikingly similar to that of "Time Eater," the last boss in Sonic Generations.The Devourer of Gods, a boss from the Terraria mod "Calamity Mod," appears around roughly 70%–74%.Additionally, knobbelboy has accelerated the Devourer of Gods.[10]The titans Mechonis and Bionis (from Xenoblade Chronicles) could once be glimpsed at 82%–85%. When Astral Divinity was completed, they were replaced by a new section with Persona 5 inspired decoration.With almost 5,000 items, this may be knobbelboy's most object-heavy piece of art.Knobbelboy speed-built this artwork as well.[11]A version of God Eater was created and uploaded by GGTVCHANNELTV. ID number 57128110.Although the song for this level was taken down from Newgrounds, the original composer, lia;quo, posted the nightcore edit to her account again (without reverb).Knobbelboy replaced the removed song with the official reupload in October 2018, the month her songs were made playable in Geometry Dash.The non-nightcore version was uploaded to an account by a composer by the name of Keany, but it has since been deleted.The song's original, non-Nightcore version was also released by OblivionOfficial; it has since been removed, but it is still more well-liked than Keany's remaster.Rumors circulated that Knobbelboy was going to discontinue God Eater because the Geometry Dash song "Crystal Corruption (Nightcore Edit) by Lia;quo" was banned. But knobbelboy had never brought up the cancellation.On October 2, 2017, knobbelboy streamed himself creating the official "The God Eater" design from a hand-drawn drawing that had been altered in Photoshop, so refuting this rumor totally. He completed it that day, and his Twitter account currently has the final design.[12]

Astral Divinity, which used to be called God Eater, is a 2.1 solo Extreme Demon level that was made, checked, and released by knobbelboy. I confirmed that the level was "God Eater" on January 6, 2019,[1], and it was also rated Epic-Extreme Demon that same day. The level was taken down from the Geometry Dash servers on June 26, 2019, because the art had copyright problems. The copyrighted art was changed by knobbelboy, the level was renamed "Astral Divinity," and it was reverified on December 22, 2019,[2]. The level was then rated Epic-Extreme Demon again on the same day. Astral Divinity got good reviews for its graphics, but bad reviews for how it played and how well it ran. GD Endy made an optimization update for the level on July 15, 2023, which cut the amount of objects from 294,675 to 147,432.[3]

HistoryGod Eater was first shown to the public in a demo by knobbelboy on March 3, 2017, which showed about 25% of the finished gameplay and decorations.[4] After more than a month, on April 16, 2017, he posted a second peek that showed about 30% more of the finished gameplay and decorations.[5] People who play Geometry Dash quickly shared this everywhere, and some even said it might be the best level ever. This preview has unfortunately become one of the most shared videos on GD, which is what made Sea start his rage series. Knobbelboy posted the third preview to avoid even more montages. He finally finished the level, though it was hard because there were so many objects.

After that, knobbelboy began the proof process. Within a month, he reached 35% and 51%. But Knobbelboy had to take a break from the level because he had a kidney stone and needed to get care. Once he was better, knobbelboy got back to working on God Eater and quickly got a 95% fail. Almost two years after the first sneak peek, on January 6, 2019, knobbelboy confirmed God Eater, and it was quickly graded.[1]

The level removed from the servers all of a sudden on June 26, 2019. It was moved to the Demonlist's Legacy List. Every preview, progress, and proof video of the level that was on YouTube was taken down. A lot of people thought knobbelboy had been hacked, but he told the community that he hadn't in a post. He took down all of his God Eater videos and asked RobTop to take the level from the servers, but he still couldn't say why.

Knobbelboy said on September 5, 2019, that the level had been taken down because of rights issues. The owner of the God Eater brand told him to stop making Extreme Demon in the middle of July 2019 because it was illegal to do so. He took down the videos, asked RobTop to delete the level, and hired a lawyer to help him with the case, but no one ever said how it all went.

But there was still hope for God Eater. Knobbelboy said that the only things that were protected were the name and the art. He still had all of the ornaments. So, he could properly upload the level to the servers again if he took out the parts that were protected by copyright. He asked people in the video's comments for ideas on a name, and in the end they chose "Astral Divinity."[6]

On December 13, 2019, knobbelboy showed off the rebuilt level, which has since been given the name Astral Divinity.[7] After a 95% fail, he checked the level again on December 22, 2019, after a few days of work.[2]

0–11% of the time, the level starts with the player on a stage as a ship while a slow melody plays in the background. There are rainbows and diamonds all over the screen as decoration. At the start, there is an LDM (Low Detail Mode) and a ULDM (Ultra Low Detail Mode). The flying is fairly tight (straight-fly), and you need to be able to turn well to get through. A yellow orb and two gravity gates mess things up for a short time, making things hard for the player. The tune gets scarier around the middle of this part, and the person is now in wave-form. The level as a whole is pretty hard, but this wave isn't that hard. A few times, it goes from normal size to mini size to dual size before moving on to the next section.

12–27%: At the start of this part, the player jumps over a lava pit like a cube, to both orb and normal timings, while being chased by a huge monster that is said to be the "God Eater" itself. After this comes a similar part, but this time it's played as a ball and the lava has been changed with water. To get through this ball, you have to click at just the right time, and the monster chasing you doesn't help. Through two green orbs, the player changes into a robot and plays in a similar area, but this time the floor is acid. On top of that, it has some tricky timing and gravity changes. After this, the player goes into an auto section with the words "Good Luck" and a demon's face in the background. Just before the Extreme Demon face appears, which marks the end of the auto section, the drop happens.

28–45%: The song gets faster here, and the player begins a long four-part section with moons in the background of each one. It starts with a very fast triple-speed ship sequence with a lot of gravity portals, tight areas, and a small portal at the end. The next wave is hard and fast, and there are tight areas and gravity portals all over this quarter. After a short auto, a dual-cube shows, starting with a few orbs and quickly changing to a straight-fly. This is followed by a single ball input and a gravity-switching wave, all happening at crazy times. The next part of the level is a long straight-fly section with some teleportation gates. After that is a dual-mini-cube section with some tricky jumps that leads to the next part of the level.46–60%: There are a lot of flashing lights and spikes on the floor and ceiling in this part, and they move to the beat of the music. It's all played with a ball, and the timings are hard and take a long time. Another short auto is coming up, and an eye-opening will play in the background as the player moves on to the next section. It's a one-of-a-kind part with some big moving things that could hurt the player, who is now controlling a ship. This flying is very hard and needs to be done very precisely. The next part is a shift with a face that looks like a ghost in the background. Right before the long wave part, a very detailed spinning piece of art that looks like three dragons in a circle appears in the background. There is a tough wave that quickly changes size at the end of this part.61 to 82%: There is now a short UFO part. After that, the player goes into a cube scene with something that looks like a tattoo in the background. It then opens its mouth and turns into seven colorful orbs. There is a ship that flies through small gaps after the hard cube and later changes into a mini-ship. Then, the very detailed Devourer of Gods moves in the background. Timing is hard for the robot. After that, the player changes into a UFO with many orbs and a yellow opening above them. After that is a very tight wave part with a half-speed gravity gate. With its pink color scheme, the background looks like a CD.83–86%: Next is a ball section with slopes, a few orbs, and custom-made saw blades that rotate. This part talks about the Persona 5 game's final house Mementos.87% to 95%: In the next part, there are two cubes, some orbs and jumps, and one triple-spike jump. The sun and the moon are shown in the background, which is split in half. They move around each other. This is what the block pattern is based on. Next, there are a lot of straight-fly with orbs and gates, as well as three black swords battling different colors.96–100%: In the last part, the dedications flash in the red background while the cube clicks many stars in the white area that glows. Lastly, the player has to do a double-spike jump while a monster appears in the background. After that, the player jumps off a pad to win. The protected end logo from God Eater has been replaced on the end screen by a gold monster.Facts

General: The password for God Eater was 282019, and the password for Astral Divinity is 001517.

There are 147,432 items in the level.As of July 15, 2023, an optimization update made the level better. It had 294,675 items, with 120,875 of them in Low Detail Mode.Dark Odyssey had the record for the most objects in a single Extreme Demon, but this one had the second most.The level lasts for 1 minute and thirty seconds.GDToday put the level at #90 on their list of the 100 best levels ever made.The name "God Eater" comes from Shift's other RPG game with the same name.Some people thought this was the reason it was taken down, and it turns out they were right.People made montage videos of the level after knobbelboy posted the second peek video of it.Sea made a video where she rants about God Eater. People stole and combined knobbelboy's God Eater videos together to get more views and make money. It's not about the level.[8]In the end, this made knobbelboy start blocking those videos.It's too bad that Monoxide405 leaked the whole level, even though it wasn't even close to being finished. The copy that got out was called "God Eater 2018 leak," and it said, "I just want to trigger Sea, don't sue me." A lot of people were angry about this event, and they hated the person who made it.Sea posted a video called "The New God Eater" that talked about the leak but showed a copy by "Cyclic 1" instead of the original upload, which was on an unregistered account at the time. This made the leaker's wish come true.[9]It turned out that the fully finished God Eater level only had 294,218 things, not the more than 400,000 that knobbelboy thought it would have.Knobbelboy worked on God Eater for 450 to 500 hours.There are more than 500 different color bands in God Eater.It took six months to check God Eater.It was up for about the same amount of time.Knobbelboy said on Discord that "it can't be played on mobile, and it probably never will" because of the huge lag. On the other hand, technically, players could play on their phones, but only if they had a very good smartphone.A short time after the level came out, there was a hidden path at 16% that let players skip to the end of the level. 'Force Smooth Fix' was used by a lot of people to slow down the game and get to the secret way. But it was fixed quickly.Used to reupload-based Geography Dash Droid 1415 posted the level again after reposting the first verification video.Because of the auto-section, this is the only level in npesta's quest to beat Extreme Demon Roulette where he skipped a percentage. He got 25% instead of the needed 24%.As an example, npesta would have rolled for 100% on Carnage Mode, a level he has already beaten, if he had used the first skip on the level.Some of the level's art comes from the game Terraria, and some of the backgrounds come from the game God Eater.That's why knobbelboy asked RobTop to take God Eater off the computers.Some people now call God Eater "Old Astral Divinity."The drop has four separate parts that are all based on the celestial pillars from Terraria. They are Nebula (purple), Solar (orange), Stardust (cyan), and Vortex (green).The eye in the middle of the level looks a lot like the "Eye of Sauron" from the Lord of the Rings movies.The ghostly face right before the wave section at about 60% is another piece of art that looks like something else. The way it looks is a lot like the final boss of Sonic Generations, called "Time Eater."The Devourer of Gods, a boss from the Terraria mod "Calamity Mod," can be seen at about 70% to 74%.The Devourer of Gods has also been built for speed by knobbelboy.[10]Bionis and Mechonis, two titans from Xenoblade Chronicles, could be seen at about 82% to 85%. When Astral Divinity was over, they were swapped out for a new part with decorations that looked like they were from Persona 5.With about 5,000 things, this might be knobbelboy's most object-heavy art.He also did a fast build of this piece of art.[11]A version of God Eater was made by GGTVCHANNELTV and put online. The number was 57128110.The song for this level was taken down from Newgrounds, but the original creator, lia;quo, uploaded the nightcore edit again (without reverb) to her account.Knobbelboy moved the deleted song to the official reupload when her songs could be used in Geometry Dash again in October 2018.The non-nightcore version was posted to Keany's account, but it has since been taken down.OblivionOfficial also posted the song's original, non-Nightcore version, which is still more famous than Keany's remaster but was taken down after a while.It was said that Knobbelboy was going to stop God Eater because the music from Geometry Dash (Crystal Corruption (Nightcore Edit) by Lia) was banned. But knobbelboy had never said anything about canceling it.On October 2, 2017, knobbelboy streamed himself drawing the official design for "The God Eater" from a hand-drawn drawing that had been turned into Photoshop. This rumor was fully debunked. He finished it the same day, and you can see the full design on his Twitter account right now.[12]

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