Spells of Genesisが5周年記念アップデート!

なんと5年もの年月が流れていたとは… 当時、朝山さんに似たキャラがいるとか、ステージ登場時に絶対に死ぬマンとか、色々なネタにもなっていましたよね。 記念に来年1月までに7つのEPICカードを取得できるキャンペーンが実施されるそうです。 ”To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Spells of Genesis’ public release, we designed a new campaign where we invite you to fight the powerful Askian’s families. The campaign will be available until January 2023 and 7 EPIC cards will be up for grabs. Are you up for the challenge?” ちなみに私のコラボカードSHUMAICARDというのもあるのです。アイドルでもないのに、人生でゲームのカードになる日が来るとは思いませんでしたねぇ。 2015年に発行ということで、ビンテージ的な価値を見い出す人もいるそうです。 Spells of Genesisはモンストみたいな引っ張って当てて敵を撃破するゲームです。カードごとに特性や特殊効果が異なり、ステージに合わせたデッキを組み立てて遊びます。1ステージが短い時間で遊べるのでスキマ時間でも進められますよ。 Spells of Genesisのダウンロードはこちら(既存と別アプリとしてリリースされたっぽいです。DL必要)▶️ GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.everdreamsoft.spellsofgenesis▶️ AppStore: <a class="au lj" href="https://app

Advantages of Playing Video Games That You Might Not Have Known,

Advantages of Playing Video Games That You Might Not Have KnownVideo games are an excellent way to relax after a long and stressful day at work or school. And, more importantly, they can be a great source of entertainment and stress relief. G Everyone knows that playing video games is fun (and maybe even challenging). But what you might not know is that there are many other benefits of playing video games beyond just having something enjoyable to do after a long day. In fact, the right video game can actually improve your hand-eye coordination, reaction time, problem-solving skills and even your  FMWhatsapp. If you’re ready to discover the benefits of playing video games, keep reading for insight on why this hobby is worth your time.  A brief history of video gamesA video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback in two or three dimensions The word “video” in “video game” comes from “electronic visual display” as opposed to “audio”. What we call “video games” today originated as “computer games” or “video games” in the mid-20th century. They were played on massive computers connected to wall-size CRT screens and used monophonic sound. The first generation of what would become “video games” were arcade games. The Golden Age of arcade games lasted from 1978 to 1982. By the early 1980s, an arcade game called “Pac-Man” had made so much money that it was featured on the cover of TIME magazine. It was the first video game to be called “addictive.” Around the same time, the arcade game “Space Invaders” came out and broke records for longest continuous play at one location. Video games can help you develop hand-eye coordinationThis is one of the most common benefits of playing video games, as it applies to many different types of games. In many games, your hand-eye coordination is challenged by tasks such as chopping wood or keeping a slingshot aimed at targets. In addition to hand-eye coordination, developing dexterity and muscle control in your hands and fingers can also be a benefit of playing games. Ha



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