Central Marina (Pattaya 2nd Road)

Central Marina (Pattaya 2nd Road)

Hello! I'm yutaro running STACK SATS. I have currently lived in Pattaya, Thailand.

Central Marina is a department store located on Second Road in Pattaya. I visited there with my family this weekend after a long time.

There are larger department stores in the vicinity of the Central Marina, so the number of customers seems to be decreasing these days.

The landmark of Central Marina

Across the street and across the block, you can soon see Pattaya Beach.

View from the 2nd floor

My daughter is still very young, so sometimes I actually prefer a less crowded store to one that is crowded with people.

Outlet shop for sports shoes

There are outlet stores where you can buy sports shoes at a discount, so I often buy shoes for my daughter.

Playground for kids

My daughter loves this place because of the children's playground.

Souvenir shop for tourists

Some stores sell typical Thai souvenirs for tourists (but not a large variety).


Artist and paintings

On this day, an artist was painting.

Central Marina

78/54, Moo 9, Pattaya 2nd Road Nong Prue, Pattaya 20260 Thailand

See you next time 🤙 

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