Cryptocurrency Hand Implants Are The Future Of Payment

It's the year 2050, and instead of carrying around cash or multiple credit and debit cards, we do not have to carry around anything to be able to pay for items or services.

Imagine this. 

You walk into your local grocery store, grab the item(s) you want, and walk to the nearest self-checkout lane at the front of the store. You scan whatever it is you're buying, and then when you're ready to pay you tap the back of your hand to the screen. Beep! That's it. You have paid. And it is not fiat that we are paying with, it is cryptocurrency.

The year 2050 is not that far away, and I believe this is possible even sooner than that. Currently, Visa is allowing you to implant a chip into your hand that is linked to your credit card as a way to pay at any retailer that accepts credit cards with NFC capable machines. Sooner, rather than later as cryptocurrency replaces fiat, it will be our cryptocurrency wallets that are linked to the implant in our hands. The future is going to be fun.

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