"Driving Community token" -part2

"Driving Community token" -part2

-Why did $WHEX, so cheap token, make people act?

  I ended part 1 with this question. The reason, the answer is...also not so simple.
  There are three reasons.

-1. $WHEX tokens are a cryptocurrency!

-2. $WHEX tokens aren't a dead token, it's valuable to be able to cash via swapping to $BNB or other tokens. (without saying!)

-3. $WHEX tokens have been already in circulation in #WHEX TG before we started Giveaways on Twitter!

  Reason 1 and 2, though that's the obvious facts, were the source of the power that $WHEX involved over 10,000 people in the voting battle held by @DaCryptoGeneral.
 Especially, reason 1 is important!

 For instance, 1,000,000,000,000,000 $CRYPTO, it's the payment I receive every week for the rewards and costs to do Giveaways or tip members in $ANEX official. If I swapped, it would only be 1.0 USD but that doesn't mean I'm working by 1.0 USD per week as I said.

 Remember, I have been received by a cryptocurrency.
 I say and you'll agree that a cryptocurrency consists of dreams, at least half of it's made from dreams!

  As far as it isn't a dead token, any crypto tokens could grow to 10x, 100x, 1000x.
  No one can tell about the future of a coin. There is no coin not having the possibility to moon, any coin could moon !

 Yes, it's the truth and it's the first law of the crypto world.
 So, 1 quad $CRYPTO is absolutely different from 1 USD. I receive a piece of dreams every week, not 1USD. People who join our giveaways are also so.

 That is an understandable and easy explanation.
 So, start to tell reason 3.
 What meanings have $WHEX tokens already been in circulation?

 Yes, it's a story to need to tell.

 Since October 2021, $WHEX tokens were used in the WHEX community as a currency. In our community, that had more value than the actual price to cash.

   I can remember the period from later October to early September, in those days just a few people are in TG. It was "old-good days"
  And sometimes VC open.
  According to my memory, there was even a time just @PeaterDwake, co-funder, and Hasan, admin in the main chat today, and I was in VC.
  And then, when VC open, we were playing browser games or Quiz competitions. People who came to TG in September would know the time of games and quizzes and perhaps join in that, but that of early time had been very different.
  The quiz was not 4 options style show in chat as you may know in the WHEX community but told by Peter himself in VC (It was a bit hard like the listening test for me because of his pedantic way of playing words) .
  And, at that time, we directly received $WHEX tokens as rewards for just being in VC, just playing the game, Just answering the quiz! 


  You may know, after the number of people grows, it's not enough for you to get tokens by just joinning games and quizzes, you need to mark a high score. 
  And more, need to be a weekly winner!
  Naturally smailing when remembering that times.
  Dropping on the WHEX TG, and playing the game a few times and scoring just low points, easily can get 1,000,000,000,000 $WHEX by Tip via Rocketbotpro.

"Hey, join VC all!  1,000,000,000 SLEX each!"
"Okay...Hex's score 3000pt....200,000,000 ANEX"

Like that. As if tipping to the waitress in the bar or restaurant, we received and gave tokens with ease.

  Though I was not so eager to join that, just sometimes joining erratically, my Rocketbotwallet was full with tokens...$WHEX, $SLEX, and $ANEX or $CDEX which did not start to trade yet.
  Other members who always were there those times should earn many times much more than me, hahaha.

  Oh, forgotten. @Rocketbotpro is another key to this story.
Thanks to this gimmick, we can treat $WHEX tokens smoothly with no fees.
(And now can do giveaways )

  Of course, we all knew $WHEX tokens didn't have a price so high, but believed that should be millions of dollars sometime...or pretended to believe that.
 We shared the illusion to be a millionaire.
 And, the value of tokens in the community was sustained by the illusion. Or, tokens sustained the illusion.

 Giving people the illusion that it has value, and by being used and circulated, it gives people the illusion that they have something valuable.

 We call something to work such -generating the value and generated by the belief of people-the words "A currency".  I knew, surely you know.

 $WHEX tokens had already been "A Currency" in our community. And even now, we the early holders tip each other with ease.

   I don't know other tokens treated like this in the community. People can't treat tokens so roughly because they can't help calculating the value in USD in their minds.
  The crazy and silly numbers of total supply, and the cheap prices of $WHEX tokens, which make us feel like it's useless to calculate. So we can treat that so roughly...
   It's a strange conclusion.

  $WHEX tokens are certainly "Currency", in a sense, That's one of few currencies which is actually used and circulated in the crypto world. 

 Strictly to say, the WHEX community is also not "Community-driven" like other projects in which the final destination was decided by a few people such as devs after all. 
  However, $WHEX tokens are "driving community".
  Yes, they should be called "Driving community token".
  It's the source of power involving people, the generator of excitement for people joining here.
  Till the time comes when $WHEX tokens' value really were zero, that won't change. 

  And from now, I expect that such a "Driving community" token will appear anywhere.
  Not just like a horse we bet on, but something we share and use in the community, for the community, and we receive something worth-it 's not always the value of cash- by the community. Such tokens will be not uncommon.
  That could already not be called an investment, might be just like activities for hobbies or social clubs. 
  In this sense, $WHEX could be said the first runner in this age. 

   At last, I'll introduce a token.
   It's a $Moonway token.
 This is a new, and interesting token in a sense.
 4 days after it launched, a conflict occurred among the dev and investors, in the end, the dev have gone away and the rest people have been handling the project!

  Hahaha, is it a true "Community-driven" ? maybe.
  Now, the price is increasing every day. someone is watching it as one of the hidden gems.

  Moreover, I'm caring about the fact the community in Japanese who invested in it was born.
  It's a notable case because most Japanese people rarely come in telegram and they didn't know and actively join the communities, or even didn't make such a community in own the world.
  I thought we Japanese people remained only in our language world. 
 But, finally, the change might be coming.

  Next time, I'll write about this token and the details of the Japanese community, as an extra article to the WHEX essay.

 Thanks for reading.











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