What is the best use of WHEX ?
-about WHEX 3-

What is the best use of WHEX ? -about WHEX 3-

  In my plan, today would write "Community Driven".
But changed it.

"What is the best use of  Whexcosystem? "
This was planed as the 4th essay, but @DaCryptoGeneral's competition started last night, so I decided to post this essay which is more useful for readers.

First, watch this video.

  Now you can understand how works tide pools and how united 6 tokens are.
They are just an explanation of the system, for not being financial advice.
I also shouldn't say it. So, the following is Just my individual thought and not financial advice-remember!

- Holding $WHEX itself is like staking in a common token's platform. 

 You already know the crazy tokenomics of $WHEX, it's 42% each Buy and Sell and Transaction. 
  But note, at the same time, $WHEX offers 15% reflection rewords to the holders. It's also a crazy rate. 

  That is my transaction record. As prizes of Giveaway on my Twitter, I sent 3winners 10quads WHEX.(deducting 42% transaction tax, so 5.8 quads)
  Wow. huge!  you may think so.
  You know, on our giveaway, $WHEX isn't given away always 1T or so on. 
  That is a special day. It's an exceptional cost for me.

  Well, in this wallet, I held about 4 quintillions (4000quads) $WHEX.
  ....How many days I recover this cost  ???
  To tell the truth, it was just 5 days.
  I've received around 5-20 quad $WHEX per day as reflection rewords.
  Average 10 quads, maybe.

Do calculation, based on BNB and USD.

The price of 1000 quads $WHEX was 0.25 BNB, and 0.25 BNB was around 100usd, at that time. 
So, 10 quads $WHEX was equal to 0.0025BNB = 1.0usd.
At today's BNB rate, it is 1,2usd or so on......I've received 1 usd per day !
(Without saying, it depends on transaction volume.)

Do another calculation. 
10 quads to 4000 quads. It's 10/4000.
 This means 0.25% daily ROI !

Do the compound calculation. APR reaches 85%!

  Consider normal, common auto rewards tokens.  They usually offer 2% to at the best 8%. And, consider the usual staking platform or the staking in CEX.  
  Even great and trustable token $KUMA, staking alone APY is around 50% 

  Another ample. Below is the LP pool of Zillswap. It's a healthy, trustable pool.
Yes, we all know LP pool stakings offer high APR. So but...that's not so different to $WHEX your holding, don't you ? 

  Of course, In $WHEX, also can make LP pool on PCS and WHEX team offers special rewards.

  Since I don't want you bored to read many figures and calculations, I don't say details about $SLEX and $CDEX. They also offer you enough reflection rewards though that don't reach $WHEX. 

-What token should I buy in 6 ? 

Well, now I understand the merit of $WHEX. However...I would buy $WHEX?
Considering a bit, everyone reaches it's too unreasonable.
When I buy $WHEX, I will lose 42% of it. Spending 100 usd, I only receive the amount in $WHEX equal 52 usd.
And when also selling!

*note: if I want to buy 4000quads $WHEX from now, based on today's price, 0.16BNB x 4 x 2(given 42%tokenomics, I should buy almost 2 times amounts) 
=1,28BNB!  But, if I sold 4000quads, I would receive 0.32BNB or so on.

  So then, how I should do?
....Buy $CRYPTO or $KREX with low or no tokenomics.
And swapping and swapping to $WHEX through the tidepools.

  If I buy 10quads $CRYPTO, it can change to 20quads $KREX, and to 40quads $ANEX, and to 80 quads $CDEX, and to 160quads $SLEX, and to 320quads $WHEX ! 

  Yes, I'll hold it as $WHEX.
  However, the rate of tidepools will change by the number of transactions.
  They don't always guarantee 1:2 ratings to holders.
  if many amounts were moved at once, the rating will change. like this.

 This unbalanced rate will be recovered automatically, but it takes a few days.
 Slowly, slowly...don't hurry...slowly I was swapping. Like a whale.
 when you want to sell, samely. slowly swapping and swapping...and sell in $CRYPTO or $KREX or may $ANEX !

 After reading 2 chapters, you would understand my thought.
 Yes, I think $WHEX is suitable for keeping long term. Not for short-term trading. 
  $WHEX is an unnamed, small project. And 42% tokenomics! So, it utterly isn't effected by the changes of market.
  BTC reached to ATH ??  ETH dropped down ?
  ....No matter.  The value of $WHEX is almost the same as it was.

 This is, $WHEX is a very strong safe box with high APY. 

-How to estimate the value of $WHEX tokens and what is the essential role of the other 5 tokens?

  Honestly, I estimated the actual value of $WHEX is half of the open price.
  That is, after buying before selling, it would take a cost by the rate of swapping tidepools and tidepools fee and the gas fee, the all in an account.
  Today, the price of 1000 quads $WHEX is 0.156 BNB.  Since recently BNB has been rising up.
  So, I can say the value of 1000 quads $WHEX is about 0.08BNB.  

  About The other 5 tokens?
  Perhaps you are worried about the price of $CRYPTO and $KREX, or $ANEX.
  No matter.
  They all are destined to always change around the actual value of $WHEX, it's half of the open price.

For example, $CRYPTO.

  Today, the price of $CRYPTO is like above.
I can 32quads $CRYPTO by 0.1BNB.  32quads $CRYPTO is near equal to 1024quads $WHEX.
The actual value of 1000quads $WHEX based on my estimates is 0.08BNB,  So then, this price of $CRYPTO is not so cheap, in the reasonable range.
To buy $CRYPTO, it's not so worse. I can get 1000quads $WHEX by proper BNB, almost the same with half of the open price! 

  Essentially, the other 5 tokens are the barrier for defending and keeping the value of $WHEX.
  They are five fortresses around the castle.
  Holding $WHEX means, like living in the castle.
  I think so.

  Over, it's just my opinion but if you find something new by reading this, I'm a very grad.
Hope you have a good crypt life and will be a whale! 

Thanks for reading so long.
Next time, I'll write "Community-driven". 




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