"Charity Token"  -about WHEX 1

"Charity Token" -about WHEX 1

"What's the use of WHEX?" ...or SLEX or CDEX or ANEX and others...

  I was often asked this question by new holders joining the community in Telegram.

"Well..this is a Charity Token"

  I just can't help answering so.
Heard it, most of them rarely show positive reactions. 

"Oh..well, I understood somehow, vaguely...yes, so then talk about another subject"

Like this.

  Probably, they would think this token has no utility and no plan to have an actual product or platform and is a common useless token just for investors or gamblers. 

  It's not incorrect I think, too.
(though it has some plans about the platform and a utility I know)

  The main futures of WHEX are two.
"Regularly Charity" and "Regularly Burn".
Just that is now on.

  Regularly doing dynamic Burn and sending tokens to some charity organizations.
  You know, Burn(And automatically buyback) is a usual way to raise the price up of tokens, which is one of the fashion ways on the crypt world in 2021.

  After all, is WHEX(and the other 5 tokens) Just a speculation token for investors' earnings?

  My answer is "Yes" and "No", at the same time.
Aiming for earnings... I can't excuse anyhow about it! lol
However, it's not wrong, it's not a matter.

  Be honest.
All of us are aiming for it.
I am, you also are, not only investors but also dev teams in most projects, ALL OF US are!

Utility? the network with new technology? web3.0?
  Don't care. Be honest, and open your eyes.
Most Devs are just interested in making the market capture up. Project? running is important, it does not matter if they can reach the goal or how many times they take to that.

...Oops, I wrote needless things. You already know them, don't you?
  Back to the subject. 

  The reason I also say "No" is that  WHEX is doing Charity.


  Charity is special and great and it also makes WHEX great.
  At least at this point, I respect western people and their mores.

  A bit dropping on the side road, again.
  In my country, my own culture, the idea of charity isn't.
  My nation is known for the polite and the good manner, at least we own think so and are proud of it.
  But at the same time, our nations are the worst people in the point of not caring about those who were in crisis. I am not saying about only strangers.. neighbors, acquaintances, friends, even family. International statistics have been showing it for years.

  I can understand the act called a donation and can do. However, I don't have the idea of Charity.

  Without saying, my culture also has some similar ideas. 
 "善行" or"喜捨", probably.
 "善行" literal translating, "Good action"
 (it's a word having a wide range, not limited donation)
 "喜捨" is "Gradly throwing away"( for other people, even strangers )
 "喜捨" would rather be nearby "sacrifice", and thought that it's what a special person should do, like Saint in the priests. So then common people like me don't have this idea in mind.

  You may think how different it is for Charity.

  The greatest part of Charity I think is, it has and indicates a will to change the world even if little and a bit, step by step. 

  We can't eliminate the poorness tomorrow.
  We can't give all children a good education tomorrow.
  We can't rebuild the lost nature tomorrow. 

  Nevertheless, we can do something today to realize it someday.

 This is a great challenge in our spirit.
 And this is a part lacking in my culture, which accepts the cruel world as it is. 


  So then, Charity makes WHEX fine, shine, be in the light side.
  For only the thing, WHEX is valued in society.

  WHEX has been donating to the save whale program.
  SLEX is for the save seel program.
  And ANEX I belong to will do to the world food problem. (Though this is not announced officially)


  Let us change the world. Challenge the world.

 Thanks for your reading.
 Next time, I'll write about "Community-driven".



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