"Driving Community token" part 1

"Driving Community token" part 1

"Community-driven"...probably, you heard and read this term as many as you were tired this year. After the success of $SHIB, any tokens launched new become to say that.

  WHAT IS "COMMUNITY-DRIVEN?? How different from ordinary projects??

 And, you should have thought such many times in different tokens' communities.
 What point is different from non-community-driven projects??
 Honestly, most of them are not different from ordinary ones essentially.
 Important things are decided by devs and founders, and investors are just audience eating popcorn on seats.
 Though sometimes doing a vote to decide the direction in TG or Twitter, the questions are often to be one answer gets 100%.

 Or, "Community-driven" often means devs have no budget for marketing and promoting...in such a community on TG, Mods often tell, or order, people to join their promotion, "Go out here! Shill around the world! Shill, Shill, Shill !!" like this.

  Individually, in a new token when ending the pump just after launch and Mods started to say such, I also started to consider when I should abandon them when to sell the token out.

  actually, I have an experience that few days after I sold out the token I found their TG desolated just through a day.
  Not Rug pool issue. just people disappeared.
  Admin, Mods, enthusiastic investors...there was no one there.
  Only one investor posted "Where you all go? why admin say nothing?"
  He looked like a traveler who found himself awaking in ruin after sleeping in a gorges bed in a large castle.  
  It was like a fairy tale, such as sleeping beauty or the story of saint-Graal. 
  Ahahahah.  maybe, most of them except pitty him had been people of a shill group hired by devs.
  Hahaha. can't help laughing, or just can laugh. 

  Now I and you know it well the term "Community-driven " often means nothing and is used just to cover the token has nothing to attract people. 
 I became to have no expectations of the term after the experience.

"Okay well. I'm just an investor. Politely sitting on the seat to watch the chart and when the time came leaving with no word."
  Thought that.


But now, I'm engaging the promotion activities in $WHEX, when told "Shill around the world!", gladly start to make posts on Twitter to giveaways. 

 Wow. What's happened??

 You guess I was hired by WHEX, but not so. 
 So then, I was brainwashed?
 WHEX has something like cult religious?
 I'm sane perfectly.

There are some reasons, but the first one is "Exciting!" Just that is.
Maybe, other members are also so.
"Exciting? why about WHEX? why don't you do such in other tokens?"

I said there are some reasons. That's all are mixed complexity.
To explain one by one.

-One day, in TG Co funder@peterDwake called us to make teams for a token by 7 members each and promised to pay rewards for teams by WHEX tokens. 
  Anyone could join the team because not so many people are in there at that time. 
  The teams united smoothly.
  The main reason we Joined by ourselves is to be paid tokens.
  Not a volunteers for free.
  It makes a difference from other communities.

"Huh? but, you will receive just WHEX token don't you?  That's not so different from volunteers for free... If I was you I would ask BNB or BUSD"

 Yes, I can understand that. But...actually, things were going on well!
 Now, we have a special chat room for each team.
 ANEX also has a room consisting of 200 people. 200 people also have been paid from our asset that was paid from WHEX. 

 Of course, you remember, last week WE WON the voting battle on Twitter held by @dacryptoGeneral !
 After all, he didn't keep his word and invested $LEOS.


 That's an AMAZING thing reached by our community. Not just by us main members, but hundreds of members in the community, moreover, huge a lot of people on Twitter. 

"Well...they just wanted for tokens?? "

 You may think so.
Certainly, we did many giveaways by @Rocketbotpro and scatter WHEX tokens to many people. And, members in our community might be just voting for paid tokens.
  However... please think well.
  We are not stupid. All of us have known that the value of WHEX tokens is too cheap. Even the pay I receive every week is less than 1.0 USD If I swapped !!
  Nevertheless, people did vote and MAKE WHEX WIN.
  $WHEX did involve People.

  What I've been doing every day by paid tokens is not the same as I worked for 1USD per week. That doesn't mean the same thing, absolutely.

 Why has that been working well ?
 WHY $WHEX, the cheap token, MAKE PEOPLE ACT ?

The answer will be written in the next part.
Wait for a few days.



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