crazy crypto times... I personally have adopted to All things crypto, as best I can.

as far as I understand it one of the big selling points for the mass adoption of crypto is attracting underbanked and unbanked people. now if that is the case, then it's going to be quite a while before the mass adoption is actually adopted simply because almost half of the population on the planet at this moment is underbanked or completely unbanked so with crypto being utterly more complicated as far as getting into it and understanding all the defy and swaps and coding and all that kind of stuff how do you expect people who have a hard time getting their foot in the door with the present banking system to be able to not only understand but be able to get their foot in the door in this newer more complicated and terribly expensive crypto environment? I know that it's still very new and hopefully as it becomes more mainstream prices for exchanges or other services, gas, goes way down to a point where it's practical for everyone but until that point I don't think that the decentralization and mass adoption points are very strong ones for the crypto argument. I personally I'm going to continue in my crypto adventure I learned most things by diving into them what's no knowledge messing up several times and then getting the hang of it and I like to gamble with crypto so... let's see how this goes. Good luck. 

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