IZAKAYA TARO (for testing purpose only)

IZAKAYA TARO (for testing purpose only)

●Established:  1997

●Category:  Izakaya

●Budget per person:  3,000yen~

●Table charge per person:  300yen dinner only

●Coupon code:  2FQ34

●Staff English fluency:  Extremely little

●Age limit:  Children, Adults are welcome

●Baby/child seating:  Not available 

●Smoking:  Yes

●Today's special:  Yakitori (skewed charcoal grilled local chicken)

●Most recommended food:  Sashimi (fresh raw fish from Shizuoka)

●Most recommended drinks:  Local Japanese craft beer, Niigata sake, Whisky

●Most recommended, others:  Macha icecream

●Open:  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

●Closed:  Sun, National holidays

●Hours:  Breakfast 08:00~10:00, Lunch 11:30~13:30, Dinner 17:30~23:00

●Last order:  Lunch 13:00, Dinner 22:00

●Address:  5769-9 Kou-cho, Suzuka, Mie, 513-0836

●How to instruct the taxi driver:  鈴鹿市役所裏にある居酒屋タローに行ってください。 *Voice (Please take us to Izakaya Taro which is located in the back side of Suzuka city office) 

●Local taxi:  Mie Kintetsu Taxi 近鉄タクシー +81593861161 (059-386-1161)

●Nearest bus stop:  15min walk from Nara Station 奈良 / Sanko Bus Company 三交バス

●Nearest train station:  30min walk from Hiratacho Station 平田町駅 / Kintetsu Suzuka line 近鉄鈴鹿線

●Tel:  059-378-9999

●Reservation - Breakfast, Lunch:  First come first serve.

●Reservation - Diner:  *3rd party reservation service provider

●Private rooms:  (A) 6 adults, (B)12 adults

●Seating:  Counter, Tables, Low tables on tatami mats, Some with power supply (photos are images only)

●Dress code:  Informal, Smart casual, Formal

●Parking lot:  3 cars, third party coin parking

●Website:  http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.jp

●Payment:  Cash, PayPay, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, 支付宝 Alipay, 微信支付 WeChatPay, 銀聯 UnionPay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning

※Bitcoin disclaimer:  If the network gets too congested, you maybe required to pay in other form of payment so please be ready with other options.


●Disclaimer:  All information described here, especially the menu, may change with out notice.

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