To my new friends!

To my new friends!

Hello my new friends. I am Mai. My friends call me MissBitcoin.I'm very excited to be speaking at Binance Virtual Conference, Asia Blockchain Summit and Singapore Blockchain Week 2020 this month.

Thank you to everyone who gave me amazing opportunities!

I am writing this blog to my new friends who don't know about me yet. I will be happy if you know about me and get interested in my activities.

I am founder of crypto donation platform called Kizuna. I am also works as an advisor to several companies, including Japan’s listed company, GMO Internet, and BitPoint.

I received Bitcoin for the first time in 2011 December, almost 10 years ago.I still remenber the moment.I realize that cryptocurrency and blockchain have the potential to be a force in social transformation and have the possibility to change the financial systems of the world.

When I established Kizuna in 2017 as a cryptocurrency donation platform, cryptocurrency donations were not common at all. Many people considered that cryptocurrency was just speculative, but I believed that this was only on the surface. I acted believing that it will bring major social transformations in terms of donations because of the transparency, low international transaction fee, and speedy remittance of cryptocurrency.

Now, a few hundred organizations, including the United Nations, started to accept cryptocurrency donations.I am very happy for this.

The important thing about cryptocurrency is not merely the monetary advantage. It can make everyone in the world to be stakeholders equally, and at the end of this spirit, the concept is that everyone on the earth can be one big family. Modern societies carry many divisions, such as companies and borders of countries.

It is the duty of blockchain to go beyond such divisions to create a common financial infrastructure for the humankind. I think that goal means to “eliminate the concept of ‘others’ from the world.”

One of the reasons why I try to spread cryptocurrency donations is to spread this philosophy, which is unique to blockchain.Currently, the growth of the donation platform that I run is not the only thing I rely on. I support companies who want to accept cryptocurrency/donations and also support organizations to get financing in cryptocurrency. I don’t just value my own platform, but I try to have a stance that considers what is best for society and then try to give mutual support. 

In the coronavirus pandemic , I tried to collect donations for medical professionals. To do so, I led the Japanese Blockchain industry as Japan’s official partner of Binance Charity.It was really honored working with Binance Charity.  

I am really happy to be working for this industry. Because I have friends all over the world and in this opportunity, I will get more new friends. That is amazing.

Let's  “eliminate the concept of ‘others’ from the world.”together!

Thank you for reading. xoxo

MissBitcoin Mai





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